[ Achievement Alert ]

Skills Used

  • Javascript
  • jQuery


Achievement Alert was built as a personal project to develop a simple easy to use jQuery plugin.

The goal was to build a script that can be activated by just adding the following to your code.


Along with this code you need to include jQuery, Font Awesome and the Achievement Alert javascript on your page. Anywhere this code is found you can trigger the Achievement Alert to display, say when a page loads or when a button is clicked. You can add additional settings to the Achievement Alert function to display different messages and different points. Making it easier to integrate across your website.

display: 1000,
title: 'Achievement Alert',
points : '35',
currency : ' Points',
name : 'You clicked the button!',
icon : 'fa-thumbs-up'

You can check out a demo on the Achievement Alert website and make sure to check out the Github repository.