During my career I have been involved in projects that have exposed me to the many skills required within the digital industry. One of the biggest aspects I have learnt during my career is to always look at new opportunities and be willing to learn the skills necessary. As one of the founding developers once said:

Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.

– Bill Gates

An overview of my Career

I studied a Bachelor of Creative Media (Interactive Media) at Qantm College. During my time at Qantm I was awarded with an Ambassador Scholarship for demonstrating excellence in my academic studies and contribution to the institutions. During the graduation night I received the Best Student and Student Collegiality awards. During the final Trimester of my Bachelor I had an internship with Endeavour that had turn into a full time role before my graduation.

Endeavour was my forefront into web development, my position there was as the sole Front-end Developer positioned under the Digital Marketing Director, where my duty was maintaining websites built in WordPress and Expression Engine. Since I was the only developer with Endeavour it gave me the ability to tinker and take ambitious steps, with encouragement of my manager, into app development using a mobile development framework Apache Cordova to develop lead generating mobile applications. Towards the end of my time at Endeavour I was more involved with Backend Development, developing dashboards that pulled data from the FileMaker for the marketing, creating a booking system for the Wellnation Clinics and design and building a Student Career planner application for Careers. I really enjoyed my time at Endeavour but being the only developer I decided it was time to move on into a more team focused role.

That was when I applied for a position at Ladbrokes as a Backend Developer. This role had me working in an Agile environment of 40 Backend developers maintaining the website and bookeeper sytems. Not only did Ladbrokes help me focus and hone my Backend Development skills but also being a Agile environment allowed plenty of opportunity for cross skilling. During my time at Ladbrokes I developed my understanding of Agile Scrum while also developing my leadership and communication skills. When a new project was commencing developers were put into teams of up to 5 depending on the project, these teams would elect a team lead for the duration of the project. From the start of the project to the end we would have daily stand ups to discuss the work that had been done and was planned to do, weekly sprint planning meetings where we went over the product backlog of user stories in and assigned them to the next sprint backlog using Jira issue tracking software. There was also an opportunity for to to be involved with DevOps using GitLab for deployment for our production systems and got me to understand the importance of merge requests. Though I enjoyed the Backend development in a large Agile team I wanted to utilise my Front-end skills again.

With that drive to get Front End skills lead me towards a job at Squiz, a Web Development Agency focused on Government and Higher Education sectors across Australia. Squiz had a suite of products to provide their customers. Web applications were developed in their Squiz Matrix Content Management System, there was a Customer Relationship Manager system called Sugar CRM and also provided a search Engine called Funnelback. My role at Squiz was a Front-End developer working in an Agile environment focused on developing websites in their Matrix CMS and integrating Funnelback search into those websites. I was involved with the planning stages of the websites, these started with having discussions with High End clients to discover the objective of the product, then doing the research and planning workshops with the client to work out the details of the product. Once the workshops were completed and the details gathered the layout was designed using a Ux design tool InVision, the design would be shared with the client for further discussion. Once the design was signed off I would turn the design into CSS for use with the Squiz Matrix System. The main project I was involved in at Squiz was the development of the TSRA website, I also created the Insurance Calculator on the Master Builders website and was involved with the development of Judge for Yourself application built in React. Since Squiz was focused on my Front-End skills I started to feel that my Back End skills were starting to fall behind so I started looking for new opportunities.

While I was gone from Endeavour they were brought by an international education provider Study Group. Coming back to Endeavour I was involved in updating all of my previous applications that I developed. My core project while back at Endeavour was involved in developing the Articulation Abacus an application a student could use to calculate their possible educational credits into a course at Endeavour. Once the Abacus application was completed I was looking for a opportunity to work out of Brisbane.

An opportunity came up for me to work at CQUniversity as a Analyst/Developer in their Customer and Growth team. During my time with this team I was involved with developing features in the Academic Information Management System (AIMS), MyCQU and Handbook applications and helping maintain the CQU corporate site which was built on the Squiz CMS. I helped with moving deployment pipelines for the development and user acceptance testing environments into Bamboo a continuous delivery platform. I took the lead on implementing merge requests into the development process allowing senior developers to easily inspect other developers code, I was in charge of integrating personalisation into the student portal to change the content delivered based on the students program and was involved with mentoring other members within the team with skills in web development and design. One of the biggest challenges I faced was within my first three months at CQU where the lead developer in charge of the corporate website refresh was involved in an accident and could not attend work, I was put in charge of the project during that time, and kept the progress of the project going, impressing my superiors. I was accepted for an opportunity to move into the Digital Journey Experience (DJx) project at CQU which involves building a new Student focused application that will combine all the features we currently have across our systems into a single source.

Skills Breakdown

This area is to give you a high level overview of my skills I have used during my career.


These are the core languages I have used to develop my websites and applications throughout my career.

  • C#
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL


During my career I have been involved with using the following frameworks and tool kits for developing applications.

  • Jquery
  • Apache Cordova
  • Ionic
  • CakePHP
  • SCSS
  • Gulp
  • Node.js
  • npm
  • Git


Some applications and websites I have built involved use of the following systems.

  • WordPress – Content Management System
  • Expression Engine – Content Management System
  • Squiz Matrix – Content Management System
  • Mulesoft/Anypoint – Integration System/API
  • Zapier – Integration System
  • Splunk – Data Searching Platform
  • New Relic – System Performance Tracking
  • CampusM – Mobile App Portal
  • Sugar CRM – Customer Relationship Management Sytem
  • Bamboo – Continuous delivery platform
  • GoCD – Continuous delivery platform
  • Sharepoint 2013 – Business Collaboration Tool
  • Sitecore – Content Management System
  • Gitlab – Code Repository and Continuous delivery platform
  • Github – Code Repository
  • Google Analytics – Web Analytics Service
  • Google Tag Manager – Tag Management System