Fallout Scrapper


The goal was to create a easy to use table filter that will have weighted results. In the game Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 scrap components are a core mechanic of the game to help the player progress scrap components can be found in many items in the game world. The purpose of the fallout scrapper was to display the items that contain the scrap components the user has selected, weighing items are better results that have more of the components selected.

Libraries Used

These are the following libraries I used to create the fallout scrapper.

  • React – Creating real time functionality


Intuitive User Interface

When an item is check on the side bar it also shows a label above the table of what filters are currently applied. Users can also search the table to find what a specific item’s scrap components are.


This was a quick project that has been used by a few people online, it was good project to get my head around sending props to components in react and understanding how those props can be accessed in multiple components.

A demo of the skill tree can be found on github.