How to host Unity projects on GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages

Learn how to host your Unity projects for free on GitHub Pages, allowing others to experience your games directly in their browsers.

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Host Unity Projects on GitHub Pages

Have you been working on Unity projects and wanted a way to host your games for free so other people may experience them? GitHub Pages makes this possible for you to host a build of your Unity project!

Create a WebGL Build in Unity

Unity has a build option available that allows you to create a build of your project that can be played in a browser. The WebGL build option enables Unity to publish content as JavaScript programs using HTML5 technologies and WebGL rendering.

Here are the steps to create a WebGL build:

  1. Go to File > Build Settings > HTML5/WebGL.
  2. Install the module if you don’t already have it. This will require restarting Unity.
  3. Under Player settings, set the resolution, check run in background, and choose a template.
  4. Click the Build button.

This process will create an index.html file and a Build/ directory. Depending on the template you chose, it may also create a TemplateData/ directory. You should be able to point your browser at your local index.html and play your build.

Push Your WebGL Build to GitHub

Next, move index.html, Build/, and TemplateData/ to the root of your git repository. Commit and push all of these files. Your build files will now be accessible online in your GitHub repository.

Set Up GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service designed to host your personal, organization, or project pages directly from a GitHub repository.

To set up GitHub Pages:

  1. Navigate to your repository > Settings > Pages.
  2. Set Source to master branch and Save.
  3. Navigate to (mine is and your game will load up.

Note: If you can’t access the page yet, give it five minutes then refresh, usually it is just a waiting game.


You have now uploaded a Unity build to GitHub and hosted it on GitHub Pages. Here is one of my project setups to compare or check it out:

I hope this helped you host your game. You can read more about my sprite game on my portfolio, where I go through the objective of the project and what I got out of it. Thanks for reading!