I led a team to develop Connectiverse, a winner app at Govhack 2022.

A hand holding a phone with connectiverse home page displayed on the screen.

Winner of Govhack 2022 - Digital Skills Challenge


Working with a team of five members at Govhack. Our team Think Rhino came up with the idea of an app called Connectiverse, this web based application would allow people to connect and help develop each others skills.

Users of Connectiverse can add skills to their profile they would like to teach and would like to learn. Based on the skills entered the users will be matched up with other members of society that would like to connect and also be able to view upcoming courses.

Users can message each other to discuss teaching/learning each other skills and can register to events.

Students can put in skills they have acquired through their education to get an idea of what career pathways align closely with them and what skills they need to learn and allow local organisations and businesses to organise local events that could connect with a local school to engage with students that have similar skills.

By building a community through Connectiverse aimed at improving knowledge and skills, we hope to encourage cultural diversity in the workplace and create social cultural awareness to allow people that have been unfairly discouraged from continuing education another avenue for learning.

Read more about Connectiverse here.